Youth Hostel Woodstock

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The youth-hostel Woodstock is located at the foothills of Montmartre in Paris, and offers a very friendly and lively atmosphere, perfect for young students and travellers alike who have come to the town to experience our culture. Here you will meet people from many different countries and regions, you will have an amazing and unique opportunity to get to know all types of different people who are all here to make friends and discover new adventures in our beautiful city! Come relax and enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere at youth-hostel Woodstock!

We offer free wi-fi and internet access in public areas. We have a communal kitchen area and common rooms for you to enjoy interacting with the kind and welcoming people who are staying here. We have 24 hour showers open, and there is no curfew. Also included in your stay is free breakfast every morning, and free city tours. You can also take advantage of our safety deposit boxes and secure lockers for your valuables and personal items.

Mingle in our bars, common room or outdoor areas and meet other friendly youths who have come from all around the world to experience Paris and Montmartre! We have a 24 hour reception desk here to meet your needs at any hour of the day with fast and friendly service. Also included for free in your stay at youth-hostel Woodstock is free linen services, and free luggage storage. One of our main priorities is to make our guests feel safe, comfortable and welcome with our friendly and lively staff, and all the new friends you will meet here during your stay with us. We accept credit cards. You may cancel your reservations up to 2 days before your scheduled arrival. Deposits are non-refundable. Fees for cancellation after 2 days before your arrival will be up to the full cost amount.