Youth Hostel Sacré Coeur

white mural

Coeur means heart, and when you have a room at the youth hotel located around the Sacre coeur (Sacred Heart), you can also be sure you are located at the heart of Paris.

In this simple however warm youth hotel, you will experience the typical atmosphere of Paris. It’s kind of a quiet agitation. People are coming in and out from all over the world. A lot of different spoken languages can be heard and add to the richness of the location. People come to discover Paris, but they also want to enlarge their cultural scope and the youth hotel is the perfect match for that purpose. People are excited by the city of Paris but discovering new cultures and making new friends are also key assets to enjoy a memorable journey. that is to say, the youth hotel isn’t only a place where you can sleep and have some resting time, it is also a real part of your parisian trip, with different but exciting moments to enjoy.

When you get out of the hotel, you’re very fortunate because you have only to walk for a few minutes before getting to one the top monuments of Paris, one the those that rank among the “can’t miss” ones: the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart). So, what makes it special? The Sacre Coeur is located in the famous area of Montmartre, the place where some of the greatest artists grew up as masters of their art. It is amazing to imagine how the neighborhood of a spiritual monument like the Sacre Coeur has inspired generations of artists, some of them were very far from religion (!).

Here, from the Antiquity, humans have adored gods. It has always been a very special place from a spiritual point of view. Some people would tell you that you can feel special energy around the church as well as inside. Built between the 19th and the 20th century, the present basilique of the Sacre Coeur doesn’t have centuries of History to sustain its prestige, but it is the second most visited monument in Paris, just after another famous church: Notre-Dame. Visiting it is a must-do, as you will experience a combo of spiritual energy and pure beauty.