Youth Hostel Paris

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Visiting Paris is something you really should do in your lifetime. The City of Lights offers some of the most famous attractions around the world and many of the finest museums. Furthermore, for those seeking culture and wish to experience the French lifestyle, there are many quaint cafes around the city that can cater to every need.

However, Paris is like most other cosmopolitan cities and can be very expensive. This higher cost of living and travel, though, should not deter the prospective traveler from seeing all that Paris has to offer. While some travelers may wish to experience Paris in luxury and stay in only the finest hotels (and some of the best in all of the world), you can experience Paris on a budget by staying in budget hostels.

Hostels are a common lodging option for travelers on a budget. They are also a great option for students looking to backpack through Europe or who have no need for luxury. Hostels mimic an almost Spartan life, since they mainly just provide a bed and locker for your things.

Like most hostels, you will be staying with five or six other travelers in the same room and have individual bunks. The lockers that are available are just big enough to store your backpack, but it will be wise to provide your own lock since they are all unsecured.

The benefit of living in a hostel, though, is to meet other travelers and potential friends. The communal living arrangements make it more likely that you will meet other people of similar age, which will make your travel experience that much more fun and memorable. When booking a hostel, there are many sites available that provide reviews and price comparisons for hostels around the city. You should review these sites as they provide important information on cost, cleanliness, and safety of the neighborhood.