Youth Hostel Montmartre

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Our youth hostel is in the the beautiful district of Montmartre, Paris. It’s very youth-friendly with the best hospitality around. You’ll feel right at home, and you’ll not want to leave once you spend a night here.Our rooms are clean and comfortable and you’ll be able to enjoy a nice view from the rooms. It is situated in the perfect location where many attractions are within walking distance. In the surrounding areas of our hostel, there are many attractions and activities to do.

You may want to visit the iconic church Sacre Coeur even if you are not religious, it is quite the sight. Pictures don’t give the structure justice, the feeling you get once you step into that building is nostalgic. While your at it, you may also want to see the famous Moulin Rouge as that is a spectacular sight as well. When you’re done sightseeing, there are many small shops filled with new clothing from young aspiring designers. Not all of the shops here are expensive as one might believe. You will get to see the newest trends and the most unique styles of clothing.

Last but not least, the food here is to die for. Nothing better than spending your night at a beautiful restaurant sipping wine, and enjoying a nice meal at one of our friendly restaurants. There are many restaurants that are charming and clean and serve fantastic food. If you don’t want to sit down and have a full meal, you could stop by an inexpensive snack bar and enjoy some pastries. There are quite a few stands where you can try the famous crepes, I promise you that they will not disappoint. Once your day is complete, you may want to just relax in our hostel where you can converse and share stories with other friendly youths.